Large Campervan FAQ?

How many miles are included?

We include 150 miles/day. For example on a 7 day trip we include 1050 miles. You are welcome to go over it is just $0.30/mile for any miles over.

How does drop off and pickup work?

Our pickup and drop off system allow you to pickup the van at the time you need it. On your return day the van can be return up until 8pm. Please click here for more info.

Does the campervan have child seat anchors?

The second row of seats in the campervan has factory child seat anchors for two to three car seats.

What are the insurance options?

Please read more about our insurance options here.

What is a glow plug?


On a van that is diesel you must wait for the squiggles on the tachometer to turn off before starting the engine.

Does the campervan have heat when the engine is not running?

In select models there is a build in Diesel Heater. This is listed on the reservation page. There is also an option to get an electric heater or a small propane heater. The diesel heater in some of our large vans is controlled using a thermostat. The diesel heater uses fuel out of the vans diesel fuel tank at a rate of about a gallon every 8 to 10 hours. The electric heater does require an external 110V power source. The electric heater is a great option during the shoulder season while staying in state parks or rv parks.

Do I have to return the van with a full tank of gas?


Can the fridge be run while the van is off?

Yes. The fridge is smart and provides protections for the battery. Please make sure not to modify the settings on the fridge.

How long can you run the fan?

The fans can be run overnight, but we do recommend turning them off when they are not in use.

Does the van need to be plugged into external power?

No our vans are all self contained and all lights and powered items are run off the house batteries.

Are there charging ports for phones?

Yes there are a number of usb and 12V ports scattered around the van

Where is the fuel tank in the campervan?

Open the driver’s door and it will be the small flat door near the bottom of the seat. This van uses diesel fuel only. Putting normal gasoline into the tank will damage the engine and result in a $12,000 charge.

How many people does Large campervan Sleep?

Large campervan sleeps 4 people in two queen beds.

What are the dimensions of the campervan?

Length - 266 inches (22.1ft)  Height - 110" (9.1ft)

Do the headlights turn off automatically in the campervan?

If the light knob is in the auto position the headlights will turn off automatically, otherwise you will need to manually turn off the headlights.

Do the cabin lights go off by themselves in the campervan?

They will turn off in about 3 minutes after closing the door. You can manually turn them back on by manually flipping the switch at each light of the overhead light or flipping the switch on the light right above the front seats. If the doors are open it will take about 30 minutes for the cabin lights to turn off by themselves. Alternatively, you can manually switch them off. Most of the cabin lights also have there own individual switch.

Is there a spare tire in the campervan?

Yes, the spare tire is located in the back and is accessed by using the jack under the passenger seat. There is a port in the rear of the van which will allow you to lower the spare.

How does the water work in the campervan?

Simply pull down on the lever next to the faucet a couple of times. It may take a couple extra pumps if the faucet has not been used in a while.

How do you cook in the campervan?

All cooking should take place outside of the campervan. 

Where is the table in the campervan?

You will find the fold up table in the small black bag. First you will spread out the legs and then fold out the table top and connect them up.

Do we need to clean the campervan before returning?

There is a cleaning fee. Large amounts of mud and dirt on the floors and seats will result in a special cleaning fee. Anytime the van is driven on dirt roads you are required to return it clean.

If we use the dishes and silverware in the campervan do we need to clean them?

Yes all dishes and silverware should be washed for the next guest.

Is there a screen door in the campervan?

Yes there are two magnet on screens for the front windows and then the back doors.

Is smoking or drugs use allowed in the campervan?


Are there power ports in the campervan?

There are three 12V power ports in every van. Two are up front just below the radio and then one is behind the kitchen. On some campervans there may be additional ports under the drivers seat. There is also a 12V to 110V converter in the van, but this does require the campervan to be running.

Can you plug the campervan into external power?

Our campervans are designed to be self contained and do not need to be plugged in to operate. The batteries are charged when the engine is running and all appliance keep close tabs on the batteries.

How are the campervans equipped for winter travel?

We equip two of our large diesel campervan have snow ready tires and additional weight placed over the wheels to provide excellent traction. We also have a set of snow chains in all of our campervans.

Do we offer one way rentals?

Yes. Please visit this page

Can our Large van drive on the going to the sun road in Glacier National Park?

No, unfortunately it is 2 feet too long.